What is The Stubborn Heroes?

The Stubborn Heroes is an Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop Gaming Podcast set in the Homebrew World of Varian. 

But... We are so much more than just that. 


In 2015 - the Heroes banded together to try a game most of them had not played before. A game that has been the pillar of the tabletop gaming community for nearly five decades...

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is a game of role-play and adventure where you take on the identity of a PC (Player Character) within a fantasy World created by you, and your friends. It is a collective experience of story, combat, and world building that takes place within your minds! All of your actions are decided by the Roll of the Dice, the consequences of those rolls? Decided by the DM (Dungeon Master - AKA Game Master by some folks). The DM and PCs - by working together, weave a tale of mystery, intrigue, and adventure that is unique to them, and their party.

After playing through their first Campaign (Which we call Campaign 0), Adam decided that the groups World and Lore were so rich and their playstyle so accessible, that they should record their sessions and release it as an audio Podcast. Since releasing their first Episode in 2016, the Podcast and the Community around it has grown exponentially. So please join us by the fire, and read on: Where you will learn about the World, and the Expanded Universe that has grown around this crazy little Show of ours...



"Before Time began, Light and Dark engaged in The Eternal Struggle - destroying them both, and birthing the Universe" Librium: 2187 Fae

The World of Varian has a rich and bountiful history of heroic triumphs, and great calamity. A world besieged by the endless wars between Light and Dark. 

3500 years have passed since the Dragon Empire fell, during which time the Realm has seen great prosperity and Growth across all three continents. The Elves - refugees from a shattered world, had retreated to their tranquil forests in Ettinvale to rebuild their lost dynasty. The Dwarves in Valkir erected cavernous cities of metal and stone which sprout out of their snow covered mountain peaks. While the Humans in Chandar opened free trade with the Realm. Their ingenuity and diverse nature made them comfortable and strategic partners with most races.

But peace could not last forever. The Lotus Plague - a terrible blight that kills without mercy spread into Elven lands until infecting the City of Garamond, where Dwarven Prince Thronn Shattermaul had been a diplomat. The Elves moved in without mercy, quelling the City and its citizens in order to contain the outbreak.


40 years have passed since the death of the Dwarven heir which marked the beginning of the War of Tears. As old hatreds between the two races now reach a boiling point, word has spread of other threats rising across the Realm, both new and ancient...


Welcome to Varian...



An Expanded Universe

The World of Varian does not stop at the Podcast.

The Discord Server has a thriving community of Roleplayers, Artists, Musicians and other multi-talented people who all have one thing in common - a Love for the World we have created together. 

The events which transpire on the server are canon. The Discord is a place of immersion into the Stubborn Heroes Universe where any Stub can make their own D&D Playable Character within the continuity of the Show! Want to order a drink from Rathy in the Crows Corner and tell Barchode how annoying he is? It's possible (and welcome) in the Discord! 

Not into role-playing but just want to hang out? Thats cool too! So come hang out with us NOW by clicking the Link below! 

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