Adam has always been a pursuer of epic tales from days of yore. As a teenager, his love for all things Geekdom had grown into a hobby. It was not uncommon to find him drawing his own comic books, or writing short stories that were filled with character driven adventure. As he got older those hobbies became a passion project as he began working on the World and Lore that would eventually become The Stubborn Heroes...

When the guys decided to start playing D&D in 2015 - Adam was the only one they trusted to weave a story that had the action, adventure, depth and intrigue they wanted in the experience. He learned the rules of the game academically through research and studying the source material. He claims to have read the Players Handbook and Dungeons Master Guide three times over before their first pre-podcast campaign began.



You may be surprised to find out that Michael had never played Dungeons & Dragons before the beginning of Episode 1. In many ways, the Podcast has been a documentary of Michaels progress as he learns the ins and outs of the game. His journey through the World, and also the mechanics is what kept many of our Stubs listening, as it kept him grounded and relatable - it is easy to come into the game through his eyes.

Belruns personality and attitude is cloned after Michaels own personality and attitude. When Belrun reacts to a certain situation, you can be sure that Michael himself is reacting the exact same way.

Besides D&D, Michael has a love for collectibles. Specifically he has an impressive collection of Power Rangers and Transformers figures which fill up his spare room. One of his favourite characters of fiction is Taratulas from "Beast Wars" - a show that holds a special place in his heart.



David is the older brother of Adam the DM. Before 2015, Dungeons & Dragons was not something he had thought about before - nevermind something he would actually play! In 2015, Adam  convinced David to play in the first unaired "Campaign 0" as the Half Elf Rogue Dorian Nightingale. David was hooked.

After playing a thieving, murdering monster for an entire campaign, David decided to go in a completely different direction for the Podcast. He chose a Druid because he loved the idea of transforming into any animal, and role-playing as someone that was seeking to preserve life and family, not destroy it.

Despite this, Davids natural Rogue instincts do sometimes bleed through, but he does his best to separate his meta gaming and role-play. This is a balance he struggles with to this day...



Much like the Wizard he plays, Raymond is a sarcastic prankster in reality as well. He has a penchant for speaking his mind, and sowing chaos. He does not shy away from calling the others out on their Bullshit. His signature "What the Fuck" in response to most situations is an authentic and real response one can expect from him.

Raymonds experience with D&D comes from 3.5, and he was not part of the guys pre-podcast campaign. When he is first introduced in Episode 5, it is his first time playing 5th Edition, although you wouldn't realize it.

Ray says he chose the Wizard specifically because he "wanted to create a PC whose job is to fuck with all of the DM's plans" to Adams dismay...



Billy was one of the original Heroes in the unaired "Campaign 0" which took place before the Podcast where he played Valerious Ravenhood - Human Emperor of Rathir. Billy returned in the Podcast as the Human Paladin Iskander, whose journey came to a swift end at the hands of the Green Dragon Viseth.

After playing two rather serious role-playing PC's, Billy decided it was time for a change. Together with Adam he made the concept for a new, wacky character that would be over the top and fun on every level. A character that would leave you laughing your pants off from hilarity, but also quivering in fear for your life.

Cedric was born...

Billy says that he has never had more fun playing D&D than he has playing Cedric Crow, which definitely shows!



In the pre-podcast "Campaign 0" Cody played as the titular Manon Oakenblood - Wood Elf Ranger and eventual General of the Rathir Empire armies. After the pre-podcast Campaign, Cody decided to stick with the Wood Elf, but try out the Monk Class briefly. Brief, because the Monk Immeral did not live for long...

After Immerals ghastly demise, Cody wanted to play a Spellcaster that could fight from afar rather than up close. Anmon was the result. As Anmon, Cody broke out of his shell, and despite still role-playing the least out of the Heroes, he is more active with the group than he has ever been before.

The only thing Cody loves more than video games, is Anime. Which may explain his characters obsession with tentacled creatures...

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