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The Isles of Umbra is a lost continent off the Western Seas of Ettinvale. The Ten Kingdoms - as it is also known, is made up of mostly Human populace. For centuries, the Lords and Ladies of the Houses of the Ten Kingdoms were in direct opposition of the Empire of Chandar (a second Human Continent to the East). But that ended, when the Elves teleported a fragment of their world from the Feywild to Varian (The Material Plane), it caused a mass separation of the two opposing Human Continents - both politically, and physically. The Isles of Umbra were thought crushed, or destroyed by the Elven Continent of Ettinvale. In reality, it simply shifted across the world, away from all other landmasses. 


Some Pirates have claimed to have been there and returned. Recent murmurings of the Isles have been heard throughout the Realm. But the mystery of the Continent, and its people - having been separated from the world for over four thousand years... is more strange and alien than any mainlanders could imagine. 

THE Master



"Wait, you again?

You already had an unnecessary bio on the Campaign 1 page... 

This is getting out of hand.  

Alright go ahead again, but I mean it this time when I say keep it short!"


I'm Adam the GM, but I'm sure you've already... 

Is he gone? Look, we don't have much time. I think Parker is going insane. Or maybe he already went insane. It's impossible to be sure. He keeps showing up in random places, speaking in a language I've never heard before, and he seems to know things that no human should ever know. If you see him, just run, don't try to talk or reason with him. He's beyond reason now. Oh and one last thing, under no circumstances should Parker be allowed to -



Nothing! I was just wrapping up.  

*ahem* I'm sure you've already heard of me. Bye! 

"What's going on



Benjamin Grimshaw

You want to know my story? Well... Alright then. 


Many years ago I used to ride with a gang called The Reapers. Used to go by Grim Reaper in those days. See my real name is Benjamin Grimshaw. A fella I used to ride with after a particularly hairy encounter where I took the lives of many men, he said I was like "the Reaper made flesh". Guess some names stick. 


We had a good ride, but like all good things it came to a crashing end one night. A vile wicked beast that hunts in the night attacked. It was like a shadow, I could hardly see the thing let alone get a clean shot. Tore us all up that night like nothin'. As it walked off it looked back at the carnage it had wrought, and I looked up barely clinging to life to see a shadowy beast with fiery yellow eyes. 


I was the only one to walk away. Well... I use the term 'walk' loosely, as the bastard took my leg. 


These days I ride on my own, making money as a gun for hire, I travel anywhere that will end in me gettin' paid. I hear rumors that money is to be made in Anglepoint... Suits me well enough. 



Hi there, I’m Bonnie! Tee Hee!  


I was born in Ry’Lorna, well you would know it now as The Drowned City. I don’t remember much of how Ry’Lorna fell. There was a lot of fire and many BOOMS and CRASHES then I was in the water. I know I was very scared, then everything went black. I thought I was going to the pretty place mom always told me about. But then I woke up... 


When I awoke I was on the coast of Dead Strand, alone and cold. I didn’t know what to do. I looked back and the city was gone. When I turned around I saw someone coming, a human woman. She told me her name was Latonya Moonbreaker and how she had pulled me from the water. She told me she was a Grey Knight from the crucible of Ravens and that she would take me there where I would be safe.  


The crucible is where I was trained and made ready for anything. Latonya saw in me the strength to resist the monsters. That is where I went from a scared little girl to a blood hunter. I was there for soooooo long, until one day I was ready. 


Now I head to Anglepoint to complete my mission. To find work... To kill monsters... Tee Hee! 



"You were born and raised in gold".


That's what my Pa would always tell me when I asked about where I came from. He already told me that I'm not his real son. He said that they were killed by a "godly individual with immense power". I think Pa was just upsizing him to make me feel better. 

I remember Pa was so proud of me when he gave me my first weapon, a giant bone that was and still is larger than myself. He also gave me a person to kill. Pa would always say that my size may be small, but my anger could be enormous. He taught me that my anger was a weapon if I used it right.  


Starting from when I was young, I would always collect the bones of everything I killed. I didn't have much use for it at first, but over time I learned how to make it into armor. I'm still collecting to add to it. 


One day I was forced to leave home. Bad people came and tried to kill Pa with weapons and magic. He was winning at first... and then he wasn’t. The bad people used their swords to stab him in the back. I was hiding before he told me to take a few items from his stash and escape through a secret tunnel. That's the last time I saw Pa. 


All that is in the past now. With Pa gone and me leaving home and becoming a mercenary, I'm heading to Anglepoint to slay a creature for a job. That's how I make money these days, slaying creatures for hire. I use the giant bone Pa gave me, I feel unstoppable with it.  


Wielding my trusty bone and magic armor from Pa's stash, I intend to pummel whatever is waiting for me. 


Ra su on

I have lived my entire life so far knowing nothing but the path of a warrior monk. 


From being a helpless and scrappy orphan, I was captured for stealing bread and meat, trying to survive as a vagrant child. I was sent off to the Warrior Monk Monastery, in the Xianuoduoji Mountains, to be punished and trained as an expendable warrior for the almighty Emperor of the Great Xing Dynasty. Training there my entire youth, my talents flourished as I was taught agility, athleticism, strength, weapon mastery, and the elusive way of the Kensei Monk. When I turned 16, they shipped me off to the battlefields across the continent of Xing, warring against the Mogun. 


Battle after battle I find myself victorious, standing on the ever-growing mountain of the Mogun corpses. Through victory I find love, valor, glory, and fortune through quiet, swift violence. I quickly demonstrated my abilities as a warrior, tactician, and a leader capable of swaying the tides of war against the Mogun.  


Seemingly at the end of it all with the Mogun eradicated, the war was essentially won. I settled down in a quaint farming village, looking for a more simple life despite my accomplishments in the war; a life of hard work, but of comfort and peace. However, a few short years into my retirement from a life of violence and war, my family is slaughtered in the night. A Mogun attack. 


In my rage I track and hunt for the ones responsible. My hunt leads me back to the Emperor’s Imperial City of the Xing Dynasty. In the Imperial City, utilizing my position as a war hero I gain an audience with the Emperor. They inform me that I must travel across the sea to hunt down the ones responsible. The last of the Mogun have escaped to the Isles of Umbra. Suspiciously the Emperor knew about the attack on my family and had all the answers I was looking for, however being unable to turn down a direct request from the Emperor himself and in my fury and rage looking for revenge, I agreed to set sail for the Isles of Umbra.  


The Emperor arranged for a small envoy to land at Anglepoint. I requested to depart immediately, embarking on an adventure that is going to lead me into the unknown…  




Tyranis Velkial

I come from The Moving Island - Gi Dao. I grew up as a normal tortle, very peaceful and very isolated from the outside world. Though my parents would venture out from our island in search of food and supplies, I would always stay in my room and study.  


I am a huge book nerd and a big history buff. I love to learn new things and adapt my life around my knowledge. I have always had a huge admiration for the story of the Unfated Heroes. It would be my dream come true to meet them. I often wonder what it would be like to battle alongside them. I'm mostly docile though, and would never engage in battle nor confront it head on.  


I collect the Unfated Cards. They depict heroes from the Unfated Army. I'm the type of collector that needs to get all of them. Never really leaving the island, most of my cards come from my parents or a few friends that venture out. I know one day I will have to go out and find the rest. My parents want me to go out and see more of the world. Being a cleric I know I can help others along the way and improve my skills, while collecting my valuable cards at the same time. 


Other than collecting cards, I enjoy sculpting. I can depict scenes I see, characters, anything that comes to mind. My typical source of material is sand because I have the ability to harden the sand and build whatever I want. I can be very creative and intuitive. Not long ago I found myself on a beach close to a lighthouse near Anglepoint. As I started to relax I noticed some characters emerge from the lighthouse and I decided to sculpt them. 


Now I find myself in Anglepoint trying to finalize my card collection. I have met this creature, Tyranis, who lived in the lighthouse I saw. He has a special Unfated card, very rare. We have started to grow a friendship. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from him... 

The Tempest guides me. 


It is through Him that I draw strength. My power knows only the limits of His might. In a still and open field, He is there, instilling me with patience. In a dark and violent storm, He is there, providing me with the fortitude to endure.  

My home? I no longer have one, and if I did, I wouldn’t reveal it… not since what happened. In reality I feel most comfortable in the wild, whether it’s the churning mountains of water that rise and fall in the open seas or a tranquil pond surrounded by tall green giants that sway in the breeze. 

I value silence above most else, but not the silence of soundlessness. It is an inner silence that I treasure and seek out, in part because it is what I most lack. In appearance I am reserved, quiet, even timid. But as the surface grows still, the depths grow restless. Make no mistake – behind this placid demeanor there is a war ensuing, and my past is littered with battles I’ve struggled to win. I worry that one day I won’t be strong enough to keep the chaos at bay, and on that day I fear I will learn that everything before now has merely been the calm before the storm. 

The Tempest guides me. 

Whatever I do, I do for them. My guiding light is Him, of course, but if He is the method, they are the reason. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here, and it is because I am here that they are not. I must find a way to right this wrong in the universe, I cannot accept that this is the way things should’ve been. I struggle to understand the lessons the Tempest seeks to teach me. I require more training. 

As for now, I travel to Anglepoint. In search of answers, yes, but also for knowledge. Through my meditations with Him, I have learned that I must broaden the horizons of what I know if I am ever to discover the answers I require. I have remained in seclusion for too long and now the only way to continue forward on my journey is to look not within, but without. I am hesitant, but with His guidance I remain strong. 


The Tempest guides me. 



Hello friends! Please, come sit down; I would like to tell you a story. 

I was born to a pair of beautiful loving human parents. They were simple farmers but after realizing my love for knowledge they scraped and saved to be able to send me to the prestigious Strixhaven Academy. As a young boy it was everything I could have hoped for. I made so many friends, the professors loved me. Though I was not satisfied with these simple boring lessons. I created a small group of young intellectuals named the Secret Scroll. We tasked ourselves with gaining entry to certain protected libraries housing secret texts, reading and learning where we could.


One evening I found my way into my mentor's private study. Professor Velementov was always diligent about locking his doors but not this time; it seemed he had been unusually preoccupied. From the antechamber I heard a woman's voice, and a frantic Velementov. When I entered I saw a beautiful magenta gemstone floating in his office. I, the ever curious buffoon, moved to touch it but that's when Velementov's demeanor changed. He fired a spell at me in furry and a magical duel ensued. My professor's strength was far superior to my own and I was quickly put on my back foot. As he went for the killing blow one of my spells struck the crystal, shattering it but the shards flew towards me and embedded in my skin. My body began to change, my skin grew grey and hard, my hair and beard crystalline - reborn a Genasi. Then I was gone. The words of Velementov's final threat echoing in my mind. 

I remember hurtling through a sea of magical colours. I remember a large comet that loved me and kept me safe. It, no - she told me that to stay safe I had to keep running and she would help me. From then on I hopped from world to world, each more strange than the last. Always just in time to avoid the pursuing Velementov. Now I have found myself in the world of Varian, on the Isles of Umbra. It's hard to explain but I think this place is important somehow. With my newfound friends The Six, I intend to find out why.

Level 10 Update

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